Amazon Announces ‘Transistor’ Film Premiering On MiniTV
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Amazon Announces ‘Transistor’ Film Premiering On MiniTV

An exclusive short film ‘Transistor’ is going to be premiering on MiniTV, as per the announcement by Amazon. The film is all about the relationship story of two teenagers and one transistor. It relates to a blooming love story when an emergency hits India. Through the film Amazon miniTV is taking you to the nuances of a love story during the bygone era with its first exclusive and short film – ‘Transistor’. 

The movie is directed by the well-known director Prem Singh and producers of this film are Starving Scotch Productions, Kevin Kailash Muthiah, and Sunday Films.

In the film, Ahsaas Channa (the internet’s favorite face) and Mohammad Samadtars (Tumbbad fame) are playing lead roles. Transistor shot film is rounded by the Arre Studio that actually strengthens the vision of Amazon’s miniTV by serving the broad spectrum of the shoppers of Amazon with snackable and quality content.

The short film is all set about the aftermath of the national emergency in 1975. ‘Transistor’ short film from Amazon’s MiniTV is an intriguing story of human relationships and emotions consisting of two teenagers who navigate due to the complexities of love because of one transistor. It is the only form related to the recreation available in that period. It is a fine blend of happiness, fear, love, and despair which is coupled with the strong performances of film actors Ahsaas Channa and Mohammad Samad. This short film of 25 minutes is about the nuanced take for love blossoms despite prejudices and societal limits.

With a vision that caters to the audience which is discerning because of today’s internet generation. For the film, the content line-up by miniTV is carefully and wilfully handpicked. It caters to the wider appeal to humans that cuts the language and gender barriers all across.

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