Kareena Kapoor Khan on Son’s Name ‘There’s no place for negativity in my life.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan on Son’s Name ‘There’s no place for negativity in my life.

The world knows Bebo and her attitude towards ‘log kya kahenge’. She has always defied the norms followed by fellow industry mates. When everyone chooses to hide their babies from the media glare, she happily let the world see her first baby Taimur, born in 2016. But with her second child, she helplessly chooses to keep him away from the media glare. Because of the possible impact on the child’s mind that happens due to early exposure to media and one more reason was pandemic. But however hard she tried to keep everything under wraps, at least one thing manages to create a stir once again and that it was her second son’s name! So let us check out how she decided to tackle this.

Famous for fitness and staying active all through her pregnancies, Kareena has inspired a lot of ladies. She continues to do so post her pregnancy, sharing her fitness regime regularly with her fans, her liking towards food etc. But what caught everyone’s attention once again, just like her last childbirth, was the name of her son! 

In 2016, Kareena and Saif were caught between the controversies and trolls for naming their firstborn ‘Taimur’. People did not like it and thought it was an anti-Indian name. It seems people forget the famous Shakespearean saying ‘What’s in the name’ But all said and done, both Kareena and Saif choose to stay quiet at that time. They even thought maybe they should change the name. Later, they decided to ignore and enjoy their parenthood! Little Taimur made everyone forget the controversies with his overloaded cuteness.

So our lovely Kareena gave birth to her second this year on February 21st; since then, everyone has been eagerly waiting to see the cutie pie. But to no luck, the babies face and name was not revealed until recently. Before that, Kareena’s father had accidentally revealed the second babies name to be ‘Jeh’; it seems people at the time liked it. But the drama started when the real babies name was revealed in Kareena’s latest book, ‘Pregnancy Bible’. People left the book behind and also left everything it had to give. What they picked up was the name ‘Jehangir’, yes you read right. Jehangir is the real name of Kareena’s second son.

As soon as the news was out, people started trolling and criticising Kareena and Saif for choosing the name of their second son. When asked about this to Kareena herself, she said, ‘There is no place for negativity in my life. I am a positive person and like to spread positivity everywhere. Especially in the times of pandemic.’ When dealing with trolls and negativity, she says, ‘I meditate because even if we wish their wont be anything positive around us, a coin has two sides, and we have to accept it.’

Isn’t it a good decision? We hope Kareena and her family stay strong & positive like this forever.

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