Salman Khan KRK Controversy
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Salman Khan KRK Controversy

Indian actor, producer and writer Kamal R Khan, popularly known as KRK in Bollywood. Nowadays he is mostly known for his movie reviews and tweets. He shared his personal opinion on the movie’s story, casting and songs. Most of the time he is in the news for his reviews and tweets that create controversies. Few days back he gave bad reviews to his latest film Radhe.

So, Salman khan and Radhe team decided to file a defamation case against him for reviewing Radhe. After filing the case Salman’s legal team has issued a statement saying that the suit against KRK has been filed because KRK said actor Salman Khan is corrupt and his well-known brand Being Human are involved in fraud and money laundering transactions, also he said that his production house named Salman Khan Films are dacoits.”

Salman’s legal team said KRK put out a series of bad reviews on Tweets and also shared a video on YouTube. Kamal R Khan shared bad reviews so that he can be in the news and he wants to draw attention to himself.

After having so much controversy in the news KRK broke his silence and said I’ll give negative reviews to all Salman khan’s movies in future. During the fight with Salman KRK thanked many Bollywood celebrities.

KRK Thanked to Govinda :

During the fight with Salman Khan, KRK tweeted and he said a big thank to Govinda for his support and he said he will continuously fight with Salman and never let him down. After his tweets, lots of fans of Salman and Govinda started fighting on social media. After that Govinda came to know the trends on twitter, Govinda said I have read some reports that I supported Kamal R Khan then he said he was not in touch with him, no call, no meeting, no message. Maybe there is another Govinda in his contact list. He even doesn’t know the issue between both of them but his name has been dragged in the middle of the fight.

KRK Thanked to Arjun :

After Govinda, KRK sent a thank you message to Arjun Kapoor and called him “True friend in Bollywood”. He said he had a long discussion with him and added Arjun ‘not scared of anyone’. He is the only real MARD in Bollywood.

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