Top 5 Bollywood Instagram Accounts
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Top 5 Bollywood Instagram Accounts

Instant Bollywood 

Instant Bollywood is Instagram’s top most famous Bollywood account which has been handled by Simi Deol since 2012. Currently, their followers are 8.8M and on Twitter, their followers are 55.3K and till now his team has posted 60,708 posts. It is one of the most famous accounts on Instagram so if you are a die heart fan of any actor then you should do this. 

Viral Bhayani

Since 2019, Viral Bhayani has been one of the most famous pages on Instagram. The owner of the page is himself. On Instagram, they have 2.8M followers, on Twitter 57.8K followers, and till now they have posted 40,075 posts. In 2019, he also launched his official app Viral Bhayani through the web. It is one of the accounts which is devoted solely to all Bollywood fans across the world.


This account is running from 2018 and till now they have succeeded with 657K followers and 20K posts and on Twitter 81 followers. Within five years they have become the most famous Bollywood Instagram account. They follow each and every celebrity all over the city and capture their movements and sometimes talk to them. 


Since 2009, this account has been activated on Instagram and on Twitter. On Instagram, they have 15,467 posts with 1.1M followers. Then on Twitter, they have 41.7K followers. On Youtube also they have 4.83M subscribers. They also take all the interviews of the upcoming films. 

Missmalini Bollywood 

This account is handled by Malini Agarwal and her team. She is an Indian digital influencer, TV host, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. On Instagram, they have 516K followers with 9,638 posts and on Twitter, they have 2.6M followers. Her Twitter bio says, “Your digital BFF bringing you all things Bollywood, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle + Malini’s Girl Tribe! All delivered with hope and heart.”

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